Why Medicine Might Not Help You

No one would argue the good the medical industry has done. However, Worley Chiropractic Life Center is here to offer Ithaca, MI, residents an alternative solution for their ailments. Doctors, pharmacists and surgeons are trained to treat and manage stage 4 disease (life threatening conditions), not stage 1, 2 or 3.

Today most health issues are not categorized as life threatening diseases, conditions or injuries. They are typically symptoms of nutrition deficiency, toxicity, biochemical imbalances and organ, gland and/or body system dysfunction. All of these are considered degenerations or health breakdowns. Have you ever gone to the doctor, fixed an issue, but not been made aware of the cause of the problem? This is why. Our nutrition program focuses on proven Nutrition Response Testing™ with standard process supplements to narrow down the areas where your body needs improvement.

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